• Brokecation Day Six

    Today we had to wake up early to get to the recording of The Signal Live at 10 am.  We almost have this whole big city thing down (not really). We power-walked to the subway, got from the subway to the Hilton in record time with 3 minutes to spare. Heather and I high-fived each other that we got there in time. We were in such a hurry we passed Rick Howland from Lost Girl and couldn’t even stop to say hi. It was great to see my favorite podcast live. Seeing the faces of the voices I’ve know for 10 years now was amazing. At the end when they asked…

  • Now it’s yellow.

    So further investing is required. Heather is 2cm dilated so that is an improvement. But if she’s less than 4cm and they find that the amniotic membrane hasn’t broke then we Ho home. She’s gotta pee now.

  • It’s pretty blue so far

    So the “water” is leaking. Not much but enough. So tonight might be the night. We shall see. We showered and shaved our pits and naughty bits. Packed our bag and we are at the Cape Coral hospital.

  • Hurry up and wait.

    Heather started contractions on 7/23/12 and it’s now 7/28 and she’s been in the hospital for over 24 hrs now and they are still trying to stop the contractions. I now know more about the female reproductive system then I ever wanted to. Hopefully I can forget some of it. Heather will be in here for at least another day to be monitored. So I’m sleeping at the hospital and going to work in the morning. I think all will be ok. In other news John G Weir’s podcast recording is finally done after six weeks and five sessions. Although JW still wants to record more. Now it’s up to…

  • Browncoat King for a day

    I felt good today. Heather came over tonight we got some cheap Taco Bell and we watched some more firefly, “Our Mrs. Reynolds” to be precise. That’s one of my favorite episodes. Then I showed her my Browncoat wall with all the QMX posters and serenity memorabilia. I think she liked it. I seem to be hanging with this girl a lot, I must like her or something. 🙂