Brokecation Day Five

Today….. Was a better day. We started out the day with the intention of only going to Heather’s Vampire Diaries panel. We took a bus to the subway, it was the wrong bus, but Renny didn’t cry
I made a really long blogpost about today, but the internet here is so bad it didn’t save it.


Brokecation Day Four

The first bus we tried to get on said we had to wait for the next one, so Serenity cried. We waited the 20 minutes for the next bus, it took us past where we needed to go, I pulled the cord to try to get off the bus, the bus driver said no stopping till we get to the next bus station. So we had to double back on foot to where we were going.
We did finally get to the The sheraton hotel. We got in line to see Grant Imahara waited about an hour, we got in and had our seats and Serenity started having a meltdown. That wasn’t fair to the other Con goers so we had to leave. We headed to CVS to get Ren and Heather medicine.
There is no right choice of what to do next. We can’t go to panels, we can’t afford to get photos with celebrities. We are in downtown Atlanta with 5 day passes to DragonCon and can’t do anything with them. Our hotel is maybe 1/2 a star so it’s no fun hanging out there.
So do I cut our losses, and head for home? Was this, as big a mistake as it seems? This is Heather’s one vacation this year and she works very hard. But we are all miserable. Idk what to do. I have hit the lowest point in a long time. If we do head home it’s a nonstop drive all the way there and the AC doesn’t work so good when we get there. Idk
And then I met Walter Koenig.

So when you add everything up, any day you meet Walter Koenig has to be a good day.
After that we tried to see if there was anything we could do in our current situation, and we decided to call it a day around 5pm and head back to the hotel. We were going to take a subway to the bus, about two minutes into our journey it started to downpour rain, so for the first time in my life I got in a cab. We were at our hotel about 5 minutes later. It was better than I expected. Then showers all around, and the new Doctor Who.
I fell asleep during Doctor Who. So nap time I guess.
Tomorrow I suspect we will take jet skis to a riverboat to the convention.


Brokecation Day Three

Money isn’t as big a factor as I thought it would be except for making it difficult to get around downtown Atlanta.

We have to walk or take a bus to a subway station and the system is very confusing for me, I’m used to driving everywhere. If we did have money we could have stayed in one of the host hotels and we would have avoided all that. If we do come to DragonCon again it would have to be an all or nothing deal. So if I do get a “big boy” job, then we might return one day. At this time, there is so much going on and with it all being spread out through 5 hotels and the difficulty of getting around and Heather, me and Renny all being sick (but non-contagious because we’re all on antibiotics) we are missing all the things we are here to see like Jeri Ryan. It’s not a bad time, just overwhelming. We were warned by a lot of people, that this would be the situation. Trying to take it all in stride.
The other reason we are here is to help get the word out about the Quantum Leap Podcast.

Which I think we were able to do. I did my Quantum Leap panel, we gave it lobby cards with our info and T-shirts. Heather had her The Originals panel, not sure if they announced what her current projects are. And in the morning I was able to mention our show during the podcasting track kick-off.
All day we were only able to do those three things.

There about 200 things happening a day, 20 of which we desperately want to do, and we can do about 3. Sooooo idk. At this point I’m dreading the trek back into town.


Brokecation Day Two

6:17 am It was a very strange night. Everything tangible about this hotel is amazing, probably the best place we stayed with the exception of when Benny got us a room for when I refereed for Supercon a few years back. All that said, I had a very difficult time sleeping. There was this feeling of uneasiness. Like we were around something bad that had happened. Which makes absolutely no sense to a skeptic like myself. Now I understand what Beverly Leech was talking about when she said that feeling on the Queen Mary. Just plain weird. It’s six and I was still stirring, so I came to the lobby and got some juice and my first breakfast, western omelette , links and a biscuit w/gravy. Now to try to get a few more hours sleep. Grabbed an apple on the way back, it was good, now Heather is going for first breakfast while I lay next to Ren. I had to turn AC up, because it was too cold.



So it turns out we stayed across the street from Oak Ridge Cemetery. I must have caught a glimpse of it last night (Heather now says she told me which is entirely possible) and my mind played tricks with me all last night.
It was a smooth ride until we got a few miles from our hotel in Atlanta. We got into the city and the traffic was a lot more than my level of difficulty was comfortable with. But with Heather’s navigational skills we did it… The second time around, the first time around our GPS app Ways said we arrived at our destination when we were in the middle of the highway so we had to try one more time. This hotel, even though more expensive then the Hampton is not as many stars we’ll say. The good part it’s free parking where as at the Marriott it is $32 a day. That would’ve blown our budget right there. (Big boy job next year) we headed to the one event that we chose to do today in the Marriott at DragonCon was the Newbie walking tour. Our hotel is about 3 miles away. We took the subway for the first time In mine an Renny’s lives. We got to the tour about 5:30 because we got lost in the hotel. The room was full and there were no more tours leaving. But we did find out a lot of cool information about DragonCon and I met a podcasting icon, Mr Kevin Bachelder. We talk online all the time and he has mentored us since we worked with TV Talk. I was a little nervous, so I didn’t know quite what to say, luckily he came right up to me and shook my hand. I told him it was nice to finally meet him. By that point Ren was a squirmy worm. Kevin was real nice to us and gave us directions to where to get our shiny badges.

After we got the badges, which only took about 5 minutes, I waited in line to get lanyards while Heather kept Serenity entertained.
By the time I got the lanyards for the three of us, Ren was done so we decided to head back to our hotel.
Heather is now investigating a better way to get there in the morning. By bus maybe? We shall see.


I really need to fix this site, it’s looking a little haphazard lately. I’m gonna check out the WordPress themes recommended by


Brokecation Day One

I feel like a farmer getting up this early, 9:12 AM! Ouch. The wife made me get up. It’s for a good reason, so we get on the road early enough to get to today’s destination at a good time.
Speaking of, our destination for today is a nice hotel in Tifton GA. We booked this hotel yesterday with a big credit gave us for the inconvenience of our original hotel in GA closing and them having to find us an upgrade. Win/win for us. I cleaned the car yesterday and helped Heather as best as I could. She packed everything I think we own in an amazing way. Usually if we forget something, we buy it but we are leaving town with $18 besides gas money ($200, our life’s savings).
The packing/cleaning/watching a Mythbusters panel from last DragonCon and then a tour of Adam’s cave took till 4:30 AM, maybe that’s why I’m so tired. Today we drive, for tomorrow we may walk.
We have many fine podcasts and audio books to keep us company on the way.
10:37 first stop Dollar Tree for road snacks.
10:48 stopped for energy drinks at Publix. They’re on sale for a dollar each which is a very good cost saving measure.
11:00 filled the tank, leaving Cape Coral. On our way to Tifton, GA. Baby is asleep.
11:36 on I-75, putting into practice what I learned on mythbusters about picking a lane and sticking to it.
1:45 we have spent the last hour or so in a completely useless detour off of I-75 between Bee Ridge Road and Fruitville in Sarasota. It had us going on a 5-mile circle detour with no end. It felt like I was in the twilight zone. To make the adventure more exciting, our car seemed to have a problem with a low idle or the fuel system. So anytime it got below 1000 RPMs it would stall. So I had to drive it like it was a stick shift, going from drive to neutral, using both feet. While this was an unwelcome event in our trip, it gave us an opportunity to stop at a gas station and let Ren reach up and touch a tree and take some pictures.
2:00 back on I-75 smooth sailing from here on out.
2:14 Renny had some tummy troubles and threw up all over the place. Luckily, there was a rest stop two miles ahead. After we cleaned her up, she got to see a black bird in another tree.

After that it was smooth sailing to the Hampton Inn. This place is beautiful.
They had happy hour when we got there, so free included dinner, and then we all went swimming. Now I’m trying to get the Roku to hook up to the hotel wifi. Never leave home without it.



Apparently I have to spoof my MAC address on my Ubuntu laptop to let the network know I agree to the terms of their wifi, and the macchanger isn’t compatible with the latest Ubuntu release. So we are all going to the lobby for some coffee and hot cocoa.
All in all it was a great day.
Also the car ran much better after I put some fuel injector cleaner in it.



Big Boy Job

Here is my resume, I need a big boy job, finally.  I would like to get paid to work in my pajamas. Please hire me as a virtual audio editor for your company or show.


Getting ready for our #Brokecation DragonCon 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heather is packing, I cleaned the car and paint traced our QLP logo on the back window. We are heading to Atlanta GA with $18 in our pockets. It will be interesting…

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From Facebook August 19 2014 near Cape Coral, FL

enhanced-buzz-10755-1391030133-8So this is whats been going on. After 22 years at Perkins Restaurant & Bakery they changed their benefits rules and for the first time I am NOT getting ANY vacation pay. I was told by store management I would only be getting two weeks instead of my normal three weeks. Next week I am going on vacation to Atlanta GA to Dragon Con (Yay!) with no money  . That’s the bad news. The good news is I’ve decided to leave the company that has taken away what was my last remaining benefit. I have made a resume and I have applied to three different companies so far as an audio editor, Authority Engine, Podcast One and Smodco. One isn’t hiring at the moment and I’m waiting for responses from the other two. I’m going to continue to send out resumes until I get my second dream job (TV Talk was my first) getting paid for doing what I love, Podcasting. If anyone knows of any virtual audio editing jobs please let me know. My dad told me when I was young to “pick a good company and stick with it, they would take care of me”. It was a good company in 1992 but sadly has steadily declined since it’s merging with Marie Callender’s. Serenity’s second birthday is in a few days, then the vacation. It would have been rough doing it with only the two weeks vacation pay I was told I was getting and that I expected, but now with no money it will be interesting to see how it all works out. I have let down my wife and daughter. Luckily my wife Heather is being real nice to me about whole situation, and Renny, hopefully by the time she’s old enough to know what’s going on I will be successful in my new career. — feeling frustrated.


Typical morning…

My alarm goes off. I’m real tired. But before I hit snooze, I move towards my wife, she drowsily says “we gonna cuddle?” I say “Do you have a butt?” She says “yeah…” I say “Then we’re gonna cuddle.” Then we both fall back asleep.


Having a toddler

Is like being in a choreographed fight scene in a movie without knowing the choreography. Renny climbs all over me as I lay on the couch, I get kicked, punched, elbowed and sometimes I even get the ghetto knee to the forehead. I know she doesn’t intend to hurt me, so I don’t mind. I’m just glad she likes hanging out with me. I’m a little bruised up. :D



My favorite golden girl





Hurricane Charley August 13, 2004 Hunker down! Hunker down!

A day in the life of Albert M Burdge and Christopher Conn during Hurricane Charley on August 13, 2004 CE
Appearances by…
Steve Norder
Johnny G Weir Jr.
Albert L Burdge
Mary Alice Burdge
Mike Holobinko
Brooke Lynn Bear
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Connie Jo Kelch (Voice)
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