Hurry up and wait.

Heather started contractions on 7/23/12 and it’s now 7/28 and she’s been in the hospital for over 24 hrs now and they are still trying to stop the contractions. I now know more about the female reproductive system then I ever wanted to. Hopefully I can forget some of it. Heather will be in here for at least another day to be monitored. So I’m sleeping at the hospital and going to work in the morning. I think all will be ok. In other news John G Weir’s podcast recording is finally done after six weeks and five sessions. Although JW still wants to record more. Now it’s up to me to edit the 12 hours down to about six. He was a really great interview and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it. 😀 meat cookie sent me some last minute questions that we might include in a P.S. but the goal now is to have it up by his birthday September 18th so I hope to have if up way before then but depending on what Serenity has planed we shall see. Also I have a week off of work coming up and people are suggesting movies for us to watch. So far we have The Green Mile and Silence of the Lambs… Any more?