The year before the Bell Riots

Flying out to San Diego tomorrow, flying for the third time in my life. The first was for Las Vegas and Star Trek The Experience. Worth it. Then trip number two was to meet up with podcasting legends #Skiptopher Skipper Martin and Christopher DeFilippis for the finale but not final episode of 11.22.63 an event podcast recorded live in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas. Worth it.

This time everything was arranged so I would go to San Diego to be press for the Quantum Leap 2022 panel, and interview the stars of the show in person this time. Sadly with the actors’ strike, one of the parts of being in the union is that they can not promote anything they are working on for the studios. So off I go to California with non-refundable plane tickets, and non-refundable Air BnB to see what I can see and have tacos. I need big reasons to fly as for me it is terrifying. I had one, and I don’t have one anymore. Follow my journey, I’ll be reporting for and while I’m out there.