Brokecation Day Six

Today we had to wake up early to get to the recording of The Signal Live at 10 am.  We almost have this whole big city thing down (not really). We power-walked to the subway, got from the subway to the Hilton in record time with 3 minutes to spare. Heather and I high-fived each other that we got there in time. We were in such a hurry we passed Rick Howland from Lost Girl and couldn’t even stop to say hi.

It was great to see my favorite podcast live. Seeing the faces of the voices I’ve know for 10 years now was amazing. At the end when they asked if there were any questions or comments no one got up, all of a sudden all of the signal crew started getting closer and closer to me. I realized i was walking up to the microphone. I thanked them for all they have done, and I told them how they inspired me to become a podcaster. I wanted to thank them for a decade of keeping the Firefly community alive and all the hard work, but I was very nervous. I didn’t want to plug my podcast, but Les asked me, so I told him.

After the show, I asked Kari if I could get a photo with her and Les. I was a major fan boy. I couldn’t help it.

After that I told Heather I was good, and whatever else we did that day was just extra.

We stalked Kevin Bachelder via the DragonCon App and got a photo with him. Then later we bumped into Lloyd Kaufman.