Monday, Someday, One day.

I love Mondays, although this one is a little stressful, I’m waiting for tomorrow to come, I have someone coming to buy my car, and I am buying a car tomorrow. I Slept in then watched a couple of movies. I saw a Steve Gutenberg movie I have never seen before. Yes I like Steve Gutenberg. He’s a great actor. Flushed Away was alright, I like Kate Winslett so it was nice to hear her. John Green wants to hook me up with a chick thats a friend of a woman he works with at publix, I said sure, What the heck. People are always trying to fix me up, Even though I’m very picky, But hey ya never know how I’m gonna meet the right girl. Also today Lots of Naps 🙂 and some Cheese doodles.

the bedroom windowflushed away

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