Wrestlemania XXIV

wrestlemania xxiv shirt Well We got the tickets for Wrestlemania. Me, Frankie and Johnny are going to Orlando at the end of March for Wrestlemania. The T shirts Came today (Thanks Frankie). I’m very excited, I never thought I would ever get the opportunity to go to a Wrestlemania. But everything just worked out. Good things do happen to good people. After looking for a long time on all the different travel websites I got a great deal on Priceline. So Frankie and I booked the Rooms (Thanks Frankie). We will be staying At the Days Inn on International Drive, So come by and say Hi. I love Orlando, especially International Drive. I feel at home there. Everything is right there. We are planing to go to the magic show, The flea market, The Titanic Experience again Johnny and I are really into anything Titanic, The WWE hall of fame ceremony, The Quizno’s, Some mall in Orlando John was telling me about, Maybe the haunted house, and Hopefully The shoney’s Breakfast Bar. No Theme Parks though we are kinda burned out on the the parks right now. A few Days in Orlando will be a good vacation, I only take one every other year, So I will need it.

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