Driving me crazy.

Today I woke up kinda early for me with phone call from my friend Carlos telling me in his best broken English that he could not sell me his car because his daughter wanted it. I told him I understood, but I was very disappointed. I quickly tried to make an appointment to buy my backup car, the 1998 Sunfire. Turns out the guy just sold it. I still had the guy coming out to look at my car. So I took the Firebird to the car-wash and made it all shiny. when I got home I installed a CD player in the dash to add more sparkle. The guy never came 🙁 . So I took new pictures and re listed it . I got Two calls and an email. We shall see. I searched online for a new car to buy all day, but no luck yet. So now It’s a waiting game. When I find the Car I’ll Know it. Also a lot of Star Trek: The Next Generation and naps.

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