Getting better

Well I did get to watch survivor and most of American Idol last night, so that was good. I didn’t get a chance to read more of my book though. But I got a lot of stuff done on my websites. This morning I started listening to 11-22-63 on audio book in my car. It’s 30 hours long on a ridiculous amount of cd’s but the packaging is nice. I’m quite a ways in the book but I’m a slow reader so the challenge is to stay ahead of the cd’s. Today went better at work, I actually got help and it made the day so much better. After work I picked up the boyz (Frankie and Johnny) and Brooke and we went to taco bell for the new doritos tacos then we went to Publix to do shopping for Frankie. I got a couple of two liters. Then on the way back to their house we had an interesting conversation about Frankie’s life. This stuff will make a great podcast someday. I’m a little worried about Johnny. He’s having a difficult time being long term unemployed. I suggested maybe getting a job with thunder. On my way home I listened to more of my audio book and it’s so good. After my well deserved shower I worked on more websites and started to remaster me and Jordan’s first podcast for the archives because the audio on the is horrible (my fault) /learning curve. Then finally Heather got home and i made pizza and we watched the latest Face Off. I made popcorn and now we are watching Terra Nova What Remains. No time for my book tonight. And I’m only going to get four hours sleep. But it’s ok tomorrow is gonna be a better day.