Am I coming in clear

Work was good as predicted. I worked with Connie and Ronnie so even though we were busy everything went easy. Afterwords I met Johnny at kiwanas thrift store to take a bother look at some speakers. They were 5ft tall black 110wt Fisher speakers. With the help of the guy who worked there we tested them and Johnny got them to come down on the price from $25 to $15 so it was a great deal. They were expensive when whoever bought them originally. Them me n Jdub got som hotdogs and diet Dr Pepper at the circle K. When I dropped him off I said hi to FG and Milka. When I got the speakers home I cleaned them up and hooked them up to my Sony surround system in my recording room. They are for when I edit the various podcasts. It’s a little bit of overkill, ok a lot… They go from the top of my desk to almost my ceiling and when I played some Aerosmith on them it sounded great. Then I played Mj thriller on volume 11 because it’s one more than 10 and it was so clear and the whole house shook. I’m very happy with them.