aCwA 001 Mary Alice Burdge

The first episode of “a Conversation with Albie” Albie’s first guest is Mary Alice Burdge. Mary was born March 25, 1936 and coincidentally gave birth to Albie. You don’t have to be famous to be interesting. Preview audiences are saying…

I really enjoyed your first “Conversations with Albie” it made me laugh & cry. Please bring in Mary Alice, aka Aunt Alice anytime you need a guest speaker. She was wonderful!! Hugs to your mom!! ♥

Ruth Ann Rosko Castro
Monterey, CA


Danielle Gastineau Enjoyed the first “Conversations with Albie”, great job to both you and your mom!

Gerry Burdge OMG Albie ,I LOVE YOUR MOM!!!! she is AWSOME! God bless her!!!

Nick Velotti Wow that was amazing. I learned a little something today about my family.

Laura Trovato Cozine listening now…how cute!!!! Me having my parents write answers to questions just didn’t work out…this is an awesome idea. Something to keep for generations!!!!

Theresa Kemp Velotti Nice job, Albie!

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