First time on the wheel

Woke up about 3:30 pm naturally, watched a couple of episodes of Star Trek: The Animated Series, Mudd’s Passion, and Time Trap. I was a little bit late for work, about four minutes. When I got on the cook’s line, I opened the empty side. Derrick looked at me and said “No”. So I went between them & they looked at me weird, I thought I was in trouble and jokingly said: “I’m sorry, what did I do?” They said “Nothing” and told me to run the wheel. I did pretty well. But there were four of five new things on the menu today, so I was a little confused but did good. Me and Phil did most of the work. There was a little management mix-up. Barbera wanted me to cook her a half order of mozzarella cheese stix without a ticket. I was told by Derrick, Mark, and Phil not to cook anything without a ticket, but I put it down anyway. I told her I needed a ticket and she got pretty mad, so I told her to talk to Phil and Derrick. They got it sorted out, but the important thing was, it wasn’t my fault. Joey was as beautiful as ever today. Too bad she still has a boyfriend. I left work a half hour early cause Phil said it was dead and I had to. On the way out I saw Connie come in for graveyard shift. Got home, watched Raw, Fresh Prince, Blossom, Wild Palms is getting interesting, but it is still confusing. Jim Belushi is a very good actor. Bebe Neuwirth is hot. I haven’t masturbated since May 15th as an experiment.