I woke up at about 2 pm to pick up my paycheck at 3. I took a shower and got dressed in the holy jeans I sewed black vinyl in last night. I called Aaron, he wanted me to pick him and melody up so they could have sex at my house. I picked up my check and got five dollars out of the atm, so I had nine dollars in condom money. I picked up Aaron and Melody and headed for Circle K. I bought three boxes. Ribbed, colors, and ultra sensitive. Came back to my house, dropped them off and was told to be back at 5:30 pm.
I went out and cashed my check and bought Pepsi, Diet Mountain Dew and four bags of those Barbecue Crunch Tators, and ponytail holders at Kash N Karry, but first I got gas. After Kash N Karry I went to Walmart and bought Star Trek: The Next Generation “The Big Goodbye” and a CD of thunder and rain, hairspray, shampoo, conditioner, and a TV Guide. I couldn’t think of anything else to do so I went home and sat in my car in the driveway and read Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Volume 3 magazine for about 50 minutes and went inside at 5:30 but I rang the doorbell first in case they were still having sex in the living room. I guess they were because when I walked in they yelled: “Is that you Al!?” I said “Yes Aaron”. I walked in and went into the bedroom. I waited until 5:45 in my bedroom, then sat in the living room eating the chips and Diet Dew. At about 5:55 we left and I took them to night school. I got back to the house and watered all the plants because of my parents’ vacation. I watched Beavis and Butt-Head, they’re cool huh huh, Cheers, Nova, Rosanne, and Home Improvement. Taped Wild Palms III, watched Jay&Ars1/2*, The Big Goodbye, Dave, Bob, and finally masturbated. It’s a 4 because I’m depressed about my lack of love life, and not sure I could handle one if I got it.

*Can’t read my writing