You’re Going The Wrong Way!

What a day! Aaron woke me up at 9 am. Today we got up, watched TV and ate corn puffs. Then Aaron called Melody, they were talking about 2 hours and they told me this Carla person had Down syndrome & she wouldn’t be right for me. Nice joke huh? I turned on (the) Sci-Fi Channel and Star Trek: The Animated Series was on, so I taped about six of them.
Aaron and Melody decided they wanted to have more sex. So Aaron came up with the alibi for Melody, they were “going to Mike Greenwell’s (Bat-A-Ball & Family) Fun Park”. So I took Aaron home so he could shower & change clothes. Then I waited for Aaron to call. Meanwhile, I showered and changed. He called about 11:30. I picked him up and told him to bring money so I could buy him condoms at Circle K. But he didn’t, he said he had enough, 4. Then we picked Melody up. She was having a yard sale and her father was outside and probably saw me. I can’t imagine what he thought of me. As soon as she got in the car, they commenced to blow each other’s tongues. I was watching in the rearview mirror & wasn’t paying attention to the road, so I ended up going down the wrong side of a double-sided parkway. luckily there were no other cars.
As soon as I turned, Mel was like “YOU’RE ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE STREET!!” It was funny. I told them I was distracted, they went back to face f*cking. Give Into Me (MJ) was on the Radio. We got to my house and I quickly went into my room to give them privacy. They went into the guest bedroom and proceeded to F*uck. I watched five of six episodes of The Real World and took a two-hour nap. I got up at about 3 pm and took a shower and got ready for work. Next thing I know Aaron’s at my pocket door going “Man, give me your condom out of your wallet.” I said, “I told you, you horny bastard” and smiled. He went right back in the room. I set my VCR for Star Trek: The Next Generation and Wild Palms.
I was ready at 4 pm to take Aaron and Melody to their separate homes & go to work at 5 pm he popped his cranium, I didn’t wanna say head, out of the guest bedroom and said: “Call in sick man.” I said, “Sorry, I can’t do that, but I can pick you up at 10 pm” He went back in the room and a little while later popped back out and said I just had to take them to Aaron’s house. So we left at 4:30 and I dropped them off. I couldn’t think of anything to say to them, because what was on our minds was that they fucked five times. They both smelled like fuck. I had fun, yeah right.
I went to work and cooked with John Sorensen. I stayed to help Jimmy until 11:46 pm, took home a Coca-Cola, my car stalled when I started it. When I got home I looked around and there were five used condoms, yuck, on the table in the guest bedroom. But other than that, it looked okay. Aaron is very lucky that he has someone who loves him. I wish it were me, but whattaya gonna do? I do a lot for Aaron, he’s lucky to have me as a friend. Oh, by the way, I’ve retitled this journal Aaron and Melody by Al.