Brokecation Day Three

Money isn’t as big a factor as I thought it would be except for making it difficult to get around downtown Atlanta.

We have to walk or take a bus to a subway station and the system is very confusing for me, I’m used to driving everywhere. If we did have money we could have stayed in one of the host hotels and we would have avoided all that. If we do come to DragonCon again it would have to be an all or nothing deal. So if I do get a “big boy” job, then we might return one day. At this time, there is so much going on and with it all being spread out through 5 hotels and the difficulty of getting around and Heather, me and Renny all being sick (but non-contagious because we’re all on antibiotics) we are missing all the things we are here to see like Jeri Ryan. It’s not a bad time, just overwhelming. We were warned by a lot of people, that this would be the situation. Trying to take it all in stride.
The other reason we are here is to help get the word out about the Quantum Leap Podcast.

Which I think we were able to do. I did my Quantum Leap panel, we gave it lobby cards with our info and T-shirts. Heather had her The Originals panel, not sure if they announced what her current projects are. And in the morning I was able to mention our show during the podcasting track kick-off.
All day we were only able to do those three things.

There about 200 things happening a day, 20 of which we desperately want to do, and we can do about 3. Sooooo idk. At this point I’m dreading the trek back into town.