Brokecation Day Four

The first bus we tried to get on said we had to wait for the next one, so Serenity cried. We waited the 20 minutes for the next bus, it took us past where we needed to go, I pulled the cord to try to get off the bus, the bus driver said no stopping till we get to the next bus station. So we had to double back on foot to where we were going.
We did finally get to the The sheraton hotel. We got in line to see Grant Imahara waited about an hour, we got in and had our seats and Serenity started having a meltdown. That wasn’t fair to the other Con goers so we had to leave. We headed to CVS to get Ren and Heather medicine.
There is no right choice of what to do next. We can’t go to panels, we can’t afford to get photos with celebrities. We are in downtown Atlanta with 5 day passes to DragonCon and can’t do anything with them. Our hotel is maybe 1/2 a star so it’s no fun hanging out there.
So do I cut our losses, and head for home? Was this, as big a mistake as it seems? This is Heather’s one vacation this year and she works very hard. But we are all miserable. Idk what to do. I have hit the lowest point in a long time. If we do head home it’s a nonstop drive all the way there and the AC doesn’t work so good when we get there. Idk
And then I met Walter Koenig.

So when you add everything up, any day you meet Walter Koenig has to be a good day.
After that we tried to see if there was anything we could do in our current situation, and we decided to call it a day around 5pm and head back to the hotel. We were going to take a subway to the bus, about two minutes into our journey it started to downpour rain, so for the first time in my life I got in a cab. We were at our hotel about 5 minutes later. It was better than I expected. Then showers all around, and the new Doctor Who.
I fell asleep during Doctor Who. So nap time I guess.
Tomorrow I suspect we will take jet skis to a riverboat to the convention.