Brokecation Day Two

6:17 am It was a very strange night. Everything tangible about this hotel is amazing, probably the best place we stayed with the exception of when Benny got us a room for when I refereed for Supercon a few years back. All that said, I had a very difficult time sleeping. There was this feeling of uneasiness. Like we were around something bad that had happened. Which makes absolutely no sense to a skeptic like myself. Now I understand what Beverly Leech was talking about when she said that feeling on the Queen Mary. Just plain weird. It’s six and I was still stirring, so I came to the lobby and got some juice and my first breakfast, western omelette , links and a biscuit w/gravy. Now to try to get a few more hours sleep. Grabbed an apple on the way back, it was good, now Heather is going for first breakfast while I lay next to Ren. I had to turn AC up, because it was too cold.



So it turns out we stayed across the street from Oak Ridge Cemetery. I must have caught a glimpse of it last night (Heather now says she told me which is entirely possible) and my mind played tricks with me all last night.
It was a smooth ride until we got a few miles from our hotel in Atlanta. We got into the city and the traffic was a lot more than my level of difficulty was comfortable with. But with Heather’s navigational skills we did it… The second time around, the first time around our GPS app Ways said we arrived at our destination when we were in the middle of the highway so we had to try one more time. This hotel, even though more expensive then the Hampton is not as many stars we’ll say. The good part it’s free parking where as at the Marriott it is $32 a day. That would’ve blown our budget right there. (Big boy job next year) we headed to the one event that we chose to do today in the Marriott at DragonCon was the Newbie walking tour. Our hotel is about 3 miles away. We took the subway for the first time In mine an Renny’s lives. We got to the tour about 5:30 because we got lost in the hotel. The room was full and there were no more tours leaving. But we did find out a lot of cool information about DragonCon and I met a podcasting icon, Mr Kevin Bachelder. We talk online all the time and he has mentored us since we worked with TV Talk. I was a little nervous, so I didn’t know quite what to say, luckily he came right up to me and shook my hand. I told him it was nice to finally meet him. By that point Ren was a squirmy worm. Kevin was real nice to us and gave us directions to where to get our shiny badges.
After we got the badges, which only took about 5 minutes, I waited in line to get lanyards while Heather kept Serenity entertained.
By the time I got the lanyards for the three of us, Ren was done so we decided to head back to our hotel.
Heather is now investigating a better way to get there in the morning. By bus maybe? We shall see.