Brokecation Day Five

Today….. Was a better day. We started out the day with the intention of only going to Heather’s Vampire Diaries panel. We took a bus to the subway, it was the wrong bus, but Renny didn’t cry
The we transferred to the subway. When we left the station we got to the surface by taking an escalator that was so tall, you couldn’t see the top when you stepped on. It was intense. While in the middle of this escalator my senses plays tricks on me. Your brain is constantly asking which is more likely, is the tunnel at an angle or am I at an angle? Or more like “Is it the whole world? Or me?” Well I tend to choose me. Which is why it feels strange, because it is in fact it is the world, or in this case the tunnel. The whole time it feels like you are scaling the outside of a skyscraper. Crazy.
Today was a much better day because I had no expectations. So when we were able to see Beakman Live with Paul Zaloom, I was happy. It was a good show. Science is cool.
I bumped into David Blue from Stargate Universe. All I could think to say to him was “You lost a lot of weight !” I’m sure he hears that all the time, so he had a response ready, something like “I know! If you find it, let me know” that was fun. He really does look good.