A cute bronchitis

Last night I felt so sick I thought maybe this cold was more like the flu. Whatever it is I needed to go to the doctor.

As soon as I woke up I called and got an appointment. For 3 pm and went back to sleep. Renny was a very good girl today, taking care of me and helping her grandma. I slept in little slices, just was totally down for the count. Around 1:30 it was out of bed, showers and off to drop off Renny before my appointment.

Turned out I have acute bronchitis and possibly pneumonia. The doctor prescribed antibiotics, Mucinex, and an X-Ray. I went for the X-Ray right away. My first in my adult life.

I went to pick up my meds and then on to see Serenity and eat some soup. We watched Halloweentown, it’s Ren’s new obsession. It was such a nice treat to spend time with Ren on a night I don’t usually get to. I shouldn’t have driven that night, I was just too sick. When I got home I just laid on the couch and started a Dear John (US television) marathon. I thought it might help me through this time. As I can’t seem to find a group like this on my own.

I took a very nice break from that to enjoy Timeless episode 2, episodes 1 of Frequency, and the first episode of Supernatural.  I’m still contagious for another 48 hrs. You broke my James Brown tape.  I texted until I fell asleep.