And isn’t it ironic

Sick day.

I spent the morning in bed until Ren’s mom dropped Serenity off before her doctor appointment. Turns out H has a sinus infection �?

This cold has kicked all our asses. Renny still has the sniffles �?

I spent most of the day playing stuffed animals and teaching Renny card tricks.

The house is a mess, I just don’t feel well enough today.

Serenity wanted The Creature from the Black Lagoon to be a bad guy and have Captain Jake beat him up, I used that as an opportunity to teach her about peace. I explained the Creature was a nice guy, had a family too, and just wanted the same thing as everyone else. To be happy and lead a good life. She wanted Kirk and the Gorn, I gave her Picard in Darmok.

We had soup and Vegan Spaghetti O’s for dinner, that was a big help as I could hardly function. I have 3 edits due, but I need rest first.