What happened about me?

Serenity seems to be doing much better, she was going to go to the doctor today, but no fever, no meds needed, seems like whatever it was, is getting over with. Another lazy day for the most part as I felt a little run down. Renny watched The Cat in the Hat and Alice in Wonderland while I did editing work. We went to the dollar store for some snacks and supplies, then on to Target to pick up Ren’s Halloween costume. She looks so beautiful in her costume, and it’s exactly who she wanted to be. Her mom is going to get her the matching shoes.  I finished rewatching the Timeless pilot, hoping to do something with that soon. A friend lent me a real book, I might start it soon. I wanted to watch the second episode of Timeless, but I don’t want it to influence me if we do end up recording.  So I watched Dancing With The Stars, it’s just not the same 😔

I watched SNL because I wanted to see what they were going to do with Trump. I was not disappointed. After that, I did my last check to make sure I didn’t have any assignments due in the morning, and I saw that I did have one. About that same time it hit me like a metaphorical truck. I think I have the flu, or the worst cold ever 😷 Doctor tomorrow.