1st post from my iOS device

It was a crazy day today. I am freaking out over how over committed I am. I have a lot of structured activity which I enjoy but it leaves little free time for relaxing. And lately I’ve been scheduled a couple 12 hour days a week, and I’m a six hour a day kinda guy. My job is crazy hard and it gets harder all the time. I don’t know how long I will be able to do it but every time I try something different it’s either worse or I don’t make any money or both. I love all the other stuff I do in my life, got a wife, reffereeing a few times a year, the podcasts, working on making T-shirts and lately I’ve been updating and building websites. I can’t get our wrestling site to be editable which is frustrating. One thing that keeps me going right now is that there is a baby on the way and I can’t wait to meet him/her 🙂 Eventually the hope is to make a good living at something I can do without killing myself in the process. And heck If it’s doing something I like, well even better. I’m not unique in that I’m sure, it’s something most of us hope for but very few of us achieve. Home now and ready to have some fun on the intranets. I want to read my book 11-22-63 and I want to watch Survivor and American Idol. A nap would be nice too. Everybody hope for me and/or send emails to Joss Whedon. Thanks