Amazing Comic Book Men

conver-mom-fin.jpgI had a good day today overall. I worked a rather short shift today because i was close to overtime.  I worked with Ronnie and we were having a fast day. Thanks to The Big Man we had a constant supply of inspiration most of which had to do with the quantity of chicken pot pies. After work I planned on coming home and taking a nap but after my shower I was inspired to work on my new podcast’s banner/logo. The new show will be “a Conversation with Albie” in which I will have an in depth conversation with someone in my life and I thought who would be better than the first person I met, my mother 😀 . Heather and I headed to Johnny and Frankie’s place for Amazing Race night and Johnny texted us to let us know that Frankie wasn’t getting pizza for tonight. So we stopped at Pizza Hut to get the 2 pizza any size any topping for $20 deal and after we ordered the price was $27. The hostess got the manager and she got it down to $24 but they had no idea what they were doing.  While we were waiting for the Zza I phoned my mom and asked her to go to and check out my newest post, She didn’t realize at first that the new show had her in it as first but when she realized what I was asking her she graciously agreed. So I have my first guest. I’m excited to get  this one going. I’m also planning to start the other podcast soon tentatively titled Forgotten Film (If you have any other ideas, let me know) So I’m back to blogging, I had to stop for a while because my old boss found my blog and I couldn’t be candid anymore. But I’m feeling much better now. When we got to the boys house we had a great time, we watched The Amazing Race premiere, then the middle third of Celebrity Apprentice and then the second episode of Comic Book Men. We also celebrated Johnny and Brooke’s 12th anniversary (Happy Anniversary!!!) oh, and also Frank agreed to do a future  “a Conversation with Albie” 😀 Johnny was in a good mood tonight and that’s always a good time 🙂 Tomorrow i will bend my Monday rule and help Jdubb so he can pick up some of the things his late father John G Weir Sr made out of wood from some lady. He lost his dad about a year ago and that’s something that we unfortunately share. So it is worth breaking my rule.