Your panties are on the Pizza box.

Was the name of my band in college.

Life is the best thing there is. No matter how bad it gets and how much others hurt you, there is still a few times a day when you can just be in your own head and know how special being alive is.

All the hurt, the pain, the adultery doesn’t matter as much as being alive in the here and now. Living the program, being self aware. One day it will all end.

In those final moments of life, I believe will will try to hang on and cherish every last second. Knowing that, I cherish them now.

Tonight after being bamboozled for the umpteenth time, I could have dwelled on the fact that I am so brazingly discounted as mattering at all, but instead at a stoplight, I did stop and appreciate my life and I felt happy to still exist. Most humans that ever existed, don’t anymore, and I am.

Yay me and my life. I love me. No one knows me. When I’m gone I will barely be a thought remnant in some people’s mind until they no longer are. But in the here and now, I’m me, I comprehend my entire journey, and am a very fortunate person.

I love you Serenity ❤️