Sleepless in Cape Coral

“Even Hitler had a girlfriend”

⁃ David Manning

I’m looking for a dating site for people that only have a few hours a week to date.

My category for relationship status of social media is “It’s complicated”.

That’s the closest one that fits because there is no “Married, separated, she has a boyfriend, wife, and daughter live with me, looking to date 4-6 hours a week”

When looking at the dating apps/sites filling out a profile, it seems so discouraging to explain all that in the bio. It’s like advertising that food is past its expiration date, is there a human equivalent to “Today’s Special”?

It would be easier if the wife ran away with him, then I would just be a “Single Dad” which is much easier to explain and a bit more attractive. I’m glad Serenity still has both her parents living with her though. She wants both of us here all the time, and both her mom and I would never give her up for half of the rest of her life.

People without children could never understand. If I choose between my daughter and a social life, Serenity wins hands down.

That being said it’s been almost a year since I’ve been on a date. The loneliness and lack of love are ever present and disheartening.

I can’t be the only person in this situation. My guess is that there are millions of us in this type of arrangement.

So… what to do? I just think it would be nice to go to a movie and dinner every once in a while with someone who doesn’t hate me.

Reflecting, however, inmates on death row have girlfriends, I have to believe I’m somewhat more desirable.

I clean up well, I’m funny, attentive, I give great full body massages, and I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I smell good.

I shower twice daily, shave the important bits, and I have no distinguishing marks.

I’ve never been arrested, I’m a non-smoker, no drugs, science-based, and love cuddling.

I’m a homeowner, can fix anything, and I get pop-culture references.

The only question I have now is do I wait for the chance to meet someone? Or do I go actively searching?

Text me.

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SMS- 813-815-0547