WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2008 WOOOOOOO!

Blurry Albie and Rick the sign guy We went to Ponderosa for all you can eat breakfast. We ate TOO much. Then we went to Flea World “The worlds largest Flea Market” but not really. Johnny wanted to get a Chinese star, he finally found one. I got some new floor mats for my car and some DVD’s. We Played Ski ball on the way out. I’ve loved Ski ball since I was a kid and would play it at Six Flags in New Jersey with my aunt grace. We turned in all our tickets and got some cool stuff. Then bake to the hotel to shower then… The WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. Woooooooo! That was from 7 till 11:30. I had a blast, I really got me e excited for Wrestlemania 24 tomorrow. I met Rick the Sign Guy. Unfortunately the guy that took our picture was shaking and the photo came out blurry. But yeah, That’s me and rick. We stayed up late that night. The whole town seemed stoked with WWE fever.  Frankie and Johnny went to the Denny’s across the street about one in the morning, They got me a superbird. 🙂  We all hung out in my room and watched the replay of the hall of fame Ceremony. Then I think I passed out.

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