Albie @ Wrestlimania XXIV

Albie @ Wrestlimania XXIV Finely the Albie Has come back to Wretlemania! We all Slept in and missed the Breakfast Buffets so we went to Golden Corral. We ate WAY TOO Much. Me and Frankie actually got real sick from overeating. A lot of People Were doing the Rick Flair “Woooo!” in the restaurant. It was fun.  After that, We all went back to the hotel, so I could get sick and take a long shower. We Got to Wrestlemania about three. There were Sooooo many people there.  74,634 other people actually. WOW! The Show was great. Check it out. It got cold at the end. and 40 People got hurt with fireworks, that was cool looking. The I got on the radio show Liveaudiowrestling.  It was the Third best time of my life.

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