The Tired Tenth

So tired today, sore from wrestling practice, and tired from very little sleep. I made it through work. After work johnny and I went to Kiwanis and I got Heather an antenna for her tivo. Then I bought us lunch at circle K 🙂 25 cent hotdogs 🙂 what could be better? And we went to wal-mart and got johnny a fish tank for his polocko count Rufus. We saw my mom. 🙂 always nice. I got it all done by six thirty 🙂 . When I got home I worked on my mythbuntu box. that was frustrating, but I got it working, kinda. Then I tried to help heather with her tivo, I took all three of us to get it working. Heather and I werent getting along so I went home before it got worse. I fell asleep watching old Doctor Who.

count rufus

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