Real D

Journey-to-the-Center-of-the-Earth-3D work was tough, johnny was tired, and I worked with a trainee again today. I was originally gonna go see it with heather, but we weren’t getting along last night so I told her I was gonna do my own thing tonight, so we could have some time apart. I was gonna see the movie by myself, but Frankie came into Perkins for lunch, and he said he was gonna go see it at five, I was gonna go see it at 7:25. I got home just after four, so I rushed to Shower and change. I got there before five and met Frankie there, So we saw it together instead. It was the coolest ever. Real D is nice.  I want to see it again.  After the movie it was crazy storming outside, so we watched fifteen minutes of hell boy 2. Then we went to wal-mart to do his shopping, so no Frankie duty tomorrow. Then we went to circle k for some 25 cent hot dogs. Heather started txting me. I was txting her back for a while. But we still weren’t getting along. so I did some Blogging.

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