Pencil Cola

were in Pensacola, (Thanks Johnny for House sitting for me 🙂  )it was a long drive. but were here. checked into the hotel, nice room. First one i ever got with only one bed, (hubba hubba) Usually I travel with the guys and we get two beds or two rooms. we r so close to another state that we might visit it tomorrow, I really don’t know at the moment what state that is, but we’ll visit it. then maybe a flea-market on the way home to window shop. I drove most of the way. We just went to the local wal-mart for some banquet meals because the room has a fridge and microwave. But I decided to go all out and and get us hungry man meals, on the way back we realised that we didn’t have any forks. so while heather heated the meals I went to the front desk and got us some plastic forks! 🙂 Michael Buble tonight, Michael Jackson another night.

Michael Buble Was Awesome! He is the Definition of cool.

Waiting for Michael

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