Drawing the lines.

so I’m a patient person. many would say i have infinite patience. But tonight I almost got impatient.  I don’t like to generalize about any particular group of people, however I am starting to see a pattern. Whenever I get behind a cretin type of person in line, it always takes forever.  Tonight I ran out to the wal-mart grocery store to get some ice pops for heather and i got in the shortest line behind a nurse and her pregnant 12 year old daughter. They were using some type of paper food stamps, not even the card thing they have now, but like food stamps from years ago, and she got the wrong peanut butter. Then her debit card didn’t work for her other items, then she came up with some cash. I don’t know if it was because my ice pops were melting, or because it was over the 23 min mark for one person being in front of me. but i almost, almost got mad. I only took 24 seconds with my transaction. they should have two separate types of lines, Drama, and No Drama. The Splenda Fudge sickles were good even though they were a little melty.

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