Original timeline

12472490_10206780585695274_3402535439888249768_nToday was an amazing day. Heather got home from work in time to come with Serenity and me to dance class. After her class we went to Taco Bell, then home. Heather took a much-needed nap after working all night. While she was sleeping, Serenity and I went to the library to return and get new books and movies. Renny was finally able to fit into her traditional Chinese outfit. Everyone loved her and complemented her, and she said thank you in mandarin.

We then went to target and Publix.  We walked around for a bit and bought bananas. Then home.

That night we went to Happy’s family fun center and met her friends. Then we got Italian ice. And then we watched the first disc of TLOTR extended edition.

It was like the disaster had never happened, life was good again. Yes, there were texts, but I did my best to not pay attention to what was going on with her phone.

It was everything I needed to be happy that day.  It was a nice break from the loneliness and despair.