I think this line’s mostly filler

I enjoyed my morning with Serenity. We ate alphabits and whatched Super Why together. It was great, I didn’t have any editing to do so I was really able to focus on her and we did a lot of learn to read activities and brushing up on the ABCs. We even did some writing of words. She seemed to really enjoy our time together and I did too.

Her mom picked her up in the afternoon, the house was very lonely and quiet. When I’m not with Renny, I really have nothing to do. I just kind of sat in a chair.  That wasn’t very fun. I decided to edit some old a conversation with Albie files I found. The Beverly Markham interview. That’s a long one, it might take me a while, but I should get it out there.

Work was pretty disappointing for most of the night. I made money towards the end which was nice. And my last delivery was kind of fun.

After work I went to Walmart and got rainy a cool T-shirt, a shirt for yoga class, and some footsie pajamas which she’s been liking lately. I can’t wait till she sees them she’s going to be so excited. I love making her smile.