Don’t worry, be happy

12_monkeysI got to see Renny for about an hour earlier today before work, while I was hanging a shelf and her Doodle Magic. That was a very nice surprise, and it made me happy.

I got her back for bedtime too. 😀 H got her My Little Pony socks that are really cool, and on the same day. I got her My Little Pony pajamas, both Rainbow Dash! Do her and I know Serenity or what? She was very happy and had to wear them both to bed.

The stuff in between, I don’t know how to deal at the moment. I called friends and talked to my mom.  I left a message for my therapist  to see if there is more we can do about my grief, and dealing with the now, and trying to find a future.

I got hit in the head with a baseball when I was a kid in little league in Farmingdale NJ. Yes it hurt really bad at first, I was dizzy and felt confused, like I could faint at any second, but I didn’t. I slowly recovered, and got better, and never played baseball again. But I’m not a fan of sports, so maybe bad analogy.