Happy Unbirthday to me.

Dad and IMy Old Friend Gary Balser started working at perkins today. It kinda freeked me and Connie out for a little bit. It was like we traveled back in time about 12 years. But then it was cool. When I first left the nest, I moved in to his 3/2 house. We all had some great times, but that’s another show. Today John and CJ told me I needed a haircut, and they were like the fifth people to tell me that. So I did it. I got a haircut. Then I visited my parents, Mom brought home Publix Subs. Yum. While we were hanging out my mom told me she was giving me my birthday present three months early. She was giving a new radio for my car. So Dad and I went to wal-mart to pick up the one I wanted. They didn’t have that one, so they called the other stores to find one. No other stores had one. So we decided to get the next level up one. It has everything all in one unit. Wow! Thanks again again again Mom. And dad did some food shopping. My dad said he liked the way the new car drove. On the way home I dropped off some mail for my parents.

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