Sunday with Frankie Sounds Great

When I got to work all the older chicks really liked my hair. They all made a big deal about it. They went so far as to making a list of themselves so I knew the oder to date them. The younger and hotter chicks Didn’t like it as much, Oh well, Can’t win ‘um all. Later Frankie was waiting for me when I got off work. I watched him eat lunch at Perkins then we went to Publix and Sweetbay. Then back at his place I took care of some of his Social Security paperwork. When I got home I installed my car radio. It took me about an hour and a half to install the radio. Wow it works so good, way better then my last one. the main thing is the mp3’s start back where I left off. The HD radio sounds good. The sirrus hooked up pretty easy. I drove to the bank to put some of Brooke’s money in my account so I wouldn’t bounce any automatic withdrawals. I listened to music the whole way It sounds so awesome and I don’t even have my sub wolfer hooked up yet. Then I watched the Nascar Race. Had some hot-dogs and six liters of diet soda then went to sleep.

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