From The Before Time

Worked 4 pm to 10 pm. It was short and sweet. I think I got a little too close to Connie when I asked (her) to decode a waitress’s handwriting. Watched The Simpsons, the second to last Cheers and the Star Trek QVC special with George Takei. In the special, I heard that the plot of the season finale cliffhanger of ST: TNG was in The National Inquirer, so at 10 I rushed to Kash N Karry and bought it. It said that Data is going to feel anger and rage join The Borg and become a villain? I always feared that if Data ever got emotions he’d be an asshole. I must have been right. Still waiting for Wild Palms. I’m counting the days until I turn 18. The big pornography age!!!

I’m off tomorrow and Saturday. I think I’ll clean my room, buy poragraphy and masterbate… Just kidding haha.

(editor’s note: I don’t think he was kidding)