Cruisin’ at 17

Picked Aaron up at about 5 pm and got gas, $16. We went back to my place and he called Melody… Then ten hrs later we went out cruisin’. First, we went to Shell for a beverage, then we spent about an hour looking for Melody’s house. When we found it, I yelled “HI MELODY!”. Aaron was not pleased. So we left and went back to my house so I could use the bathroom then we headed to Fort Myers. We ended up at Walmart, but Arron didn’t want to go. I took him home because he was tired. On the way, he said he was going to fix me up with someone named Carla something. He said it was to get back at her for telling Melody of Aaron’s unfaithfulness. If he does, I feel sorry for Carla. Watched the Bob Hope: The First 90 Years, and Arsenio’s 100th show with Madonna. She was Hot!