From Facebook August 19 2014 near Cape Coral, FL

enhanced-buzz-10755-1391030133-8So this is whats been going on. After 22 years at Perkins Restaurant & Bakery they changed their benefits rules and for the first time I am NOT getting ANY vacation pay. I was told by store management I would only be getting two weeks instead of my normal three weeks. Next week I am going on vacation to Atlanta GA to Dragon Con (Yay!) with no money  . That’s the bad news. The good news is I’ve decided to leave the company that has taken away what was my last remaining benefit. I have made a resume and I have applied to three different companies so far as an audio editor, Authority Engine, Podcast One and Smodco. One isn’t hiring at the moment and I’m waiting for responses from the other two. I’m going to continue to send out resumes until I get my second dream job (TV Talk was my first) getting paid for doing what I love, Podcasting. If anyone knows of any virtual audio editing jobs please let me know. My dad told me when I was young to “pick a good company and stick with it, they would take care of me”. It was a good company in 1992 but sadly has steadily declined since it’s merging with Marie Callender’s. Serenity’s second birthday is in a few days, then the vacation. It would have been rough doing it with only the two weeks vacation pay I was told I was getting and that I expected, but now with no money it will be interesting to see how it all works out. I have let down my wife and daughter. Luckily my wife Heather is being real nice to me about whole situation, and Renny, hopefully by the time she’s old enough to know what’s going on I will be successful in my new career. — feeling frustrated.