Wrestling 3D

I met Gary at 9:50 am at work and we headed to Naples for wrestling school. It was just me and him today, the others are training on Tuesday, but I have a Doctors appointment tomorrow.  I got a work out and a few bruises. It’s much harder then it looks. The driving was Fun, I almost felt like a wrestler. Gary is a good trainer. After that I picked up John and we went back to my house so I could shower and change. Then we picked up my dad and went to wal-mart. We got wires n stuff for his HDTV and Internet. Then Johnny treated me to a movie. That was fun. In return I’m treating him to The mummy after I get my vacation check. And I’m also Taking Heather to the movies Then too to see as many movies as she wants and one in 3D. A lot of movies for me. But I love Movies. After That I Fixed John’s HD and Internet and Tivo. I wasn’t feeling so good.

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