Without entertainment, what is there?

There is work, there is family, there is sleeping, eating, mating and a lot of silence. If not for a good book, TV show, play or movie we would only know about the five miles or so around us. It would be a very limited and boring life. I have no idea what that would be like because I grew up in the age of television and movies. It is my understanding that past generations That did not have modern conveniences and forms of entertainment and very rough lives. For me television takes me so many places I couldn’t go in real life with the amazing race I travel around the world with science-fiction programs I travel into the future and onto distant worlds and I experience more people and characters and situations and I ever couldn’t real-life. To me it expands one’s experiences in life why limit ourselves to only a 5 mile radius? What is wrong with living 1000 lifetimes in the time it only takes us to live one? When I was a child I was a little girl on a prairie when I was a tween was a doctor when I was a teenager I was on the Starship Enterprise in the 24th century when I was young adult I went to college and New York University. I started in premed but then I switch my major to art I couldn’t decide between Ben or Nole, so I picked both one died, I time traveled it was confusing but I experienced it. After college I was a lawyer in Boston I worked with my ex and saw a computer-generated dancing baby all the time, met Bon Jovi had a good life. Then during the plane trip from Australia to LA I crash landed on the island and all kinds of weird stuff happened, this guy named Al who owned a diner showed me that he had a doorway to the past is dry storage I went back, saved Kennedy also other people messed up the timeline but fixed it. I could go on and on but the point is a lot more stuff happened to me watching television reading books and what would ever happen to me if I stayed in an empty room for 70 years or so. Is that truly a bad thing?