wildlife warriors

After work, john and I went for dinner @ circle k, 3 hot dogs and diet Dr. Pepper for $1.06 🙂 and we mailed some birthday cards to his sister and two nieces. When we got back to his place a stray cat that lives in a drain across the street was hoping back from johns place to its drain. we saw it had a broken left arm, it was all gross, there was blood and bone was sticking out. so being wildlife warriors we called lee county animal rescue, they said they would come out on Monday,  But before I left his place, She was there, she tried to get it to go in a cage for while, but it wouldn’t. so she left the cage in john’s yard and said she’d be back tomorrow.  When I got home I tried once again for hours to get my mythbuntu computer working.  No success. It just made me crazy mad and frustrated. I wanted to go visit my parents tonight, But I don’t like going over there when I’m in a bad mood. I don’t like anyone seeing me in a bad mood. Even Heather wanted me to watch movies at her place and bring popcorn. But I was just too mad, I wouldn’t want to take it out on her. So my TV is broke, so I figured I’d clean and listen to my record player, I put on Barry Manilow Live Double LP. Well this time he had a deep voice and was singing slower then normal. Yup record player is broke! aghhhh!!! so I’m taking a break from cleaning to Blog, maybe it’ll make me feel better. I can’t eat tonight, Bloodwork in the morning. maybe Star Trek audio books? maybe some podcasts? while I clean, If that dosen’t work, then cristmas music. No one could be in a bad mood listening to christmas music. right?

hurt kitty

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