What are we in line for? is it food? I hope it’s food.

Voting line lee county FloridaI voted early today. I waited in line for an hour and a half. No more touch screens. Paper Ballots It’s probably a good thing, but not as fun, If they had been computer ballots George W might have “won” his third term.  Out of about the 350 people that were there I only saw two black people. This is the first time I’ve voted early. I did so because I think the is a very important election. I’m not gonna tell you who to vote for, that’s your choice. But I will ask you to Vote NO on proposition 2 (two) in Florida. I didn’t know it was even on the ballot, Probably because I don’t watch local news. I was surprised to see a state constitutional amendment for the purpose of discriminating against people. It was even worded discriminatory. Why is it STILL OK to discriminate against some people. There should be a law to prevent proposing laws that discriminate. Just a thought.

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