Time is Flyin’ Now

Albert BurdgeWhy does the day go by so quickly? Years are going by so fast that I think I’m just gonna leave my winter tree up all year. I think that’s the secret of the older you get the more money you have, paydays come quicker and you don’t have time to spend it.  I’m hoping that the “Red Wine” pill we be out this year to stop or at least slow my aging. Today was a hard day at work. After that though, Me n JW went to go to Kiwanis, but they were closed. We forgot it was a holiday because we worked all day. We got two double cheese burgers off the $1.19 menu. I wanna try out the new thrift store on Delprado soon. My new years resolutions so far is to be a home owner sometime this year, get in better shape, and start on a road to financial responsibility. My decision to become more responsible has been working out nicely.  Daze R just too darn short. (excuse my language)

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