The CPK Kid

cpkSo I went to five thrift stores looking for an old car stereo, like a cassette tape player or 8 track, anything that I could listen to my Sirrus satellite radio through until I can get the one I want, one step at a time though, I’m just so happy now with the new Car. No luck, But I did find 13 Cabbage Patch Kids, I bought 8 of them (I’m on a budget) for a dollar a piece at the north Kiwanis. I haven’t been there since Johnny moved to the other side of town, so I hit the mother load. I’m going to try The other two thrift stores tomorrow I didn’t try today. I dig thrift stores, It’s like the flea market and yard sales witch I can’t go to because I work on the weekends. The car drives great, A trip that would have taken over five hours in my old car took only two hours. After I got home, I watched the Democratic Debate from last night. Hillary did good, but I’m scared for her. It’s going to be a close race.

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