Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

the cabinToday was the first day of my long deserved vacation at the Lake Cabin. All I brought with me were a few supplies, a good book, some flannel shirts and my laptop. No phone, no people, and most importantly no work. During my four hour hike I saw a big bear, it was the biggest animal I had ever been that close to without a fence in between us. I must remember to be careful, I don’t want to become Yogi chow anytime soon. I got to the cabin around noon it was empty like me and Fred had talked about. The place is nice, although a little dusty, which is strange. See Fred told me that he spent the weekend here with his wife just three weeks ago. Her name is Amy, she’s a nice girl, Maybe a little too nice if you know what I mean. She has an affinity for men, all men. There were more then a few occasions where she hit on me and all I would have had to do was not say no. But I couldn’t do that to Fred. He and I have been work buddies for years. I just couldn’t look him in the face ever again if I had taken Amy up on her offers. They are the on again, off again kind of couple, They do love each other but they have their little spats. It’s not unusual for Amy to spend the week at a time with her mother and her mother’s much younger lover at their place whenever Fred and Amy were off again. But Hey, back to my trip. The view on the Lake is absolutely breathtaking. I think I’m defiantly going to have fun. I just need to relax and decompress. I might do a little fishing later, after I clean this place up.

April 23rd, 2008

fireplaceI guess that hike earlier took more out of than I thought. The last thing I remember is getting ready to push off in the little boat ready to go fishing. Apparently I fell asleep. When I woke up it was dark and I had no idea what time it was. I was just floating on the edge of the lake. I don’t even like fish. I was just going to do it for the cliche of it. I wasn’t going to keep the fish, not even catch them really. More like feed them, I don’t use hooks. What I like to do is put a frozen green pea on the end of the line, then when the fish comes along and eats the food it just swims away. Everyone is happy. Waking up by the light of the fireflies whirling around my head it looked like I must have almost caught something. There was some blood on the boat that wasn’t there before. I hadn’t even been drinking, I was just over tiered. I’m always overdoing it, even on vacations. On the way back to the cabin my boots were all wet. They should be alright by morning I’ll let them dry by the fireplace. It’s good there was firewood already here, I’m not the lumberjack type. Now beans for dinner, right out of the can. This is Fun. But I’ve learned two things today. One) take it easy, and two) wear mosquito repellent.

April 23rd, 2008

OK. Now I’m a little frightened. I was startled awake by some very loud noises outside and it kinda freaked me out. They were like these, well, like juicy, pounding, ripping noises. My first thought was “it’s the bear!”, I was so scared that I actually hid under the bed at first. A few minutes after the noises stopped I put on my smushy warm boots , got my oil lamp and like a buffoon went outside to investigate. That was crazy scary, like Blair Witch Project when everyone thought it was real, scary. My heart was racing. I thought that at any moment that I could be the next juicy, pounding, ripping noise. I was relatively relieved to find nothing. When I got back inside I triple checked all the locks on the doors and the windows. I’m trying to calm down, but my adrenanlin level is way too high right now. My senses are very heightened at the moment, I hear everything, Like the fireplace popping, the wind blowing, I even hear how loud the silence is. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to be out here all by myself thirty miles away from civilization in all directions. Well now I’m going to TRY to fall asleep again. This time curling up with the book I brought. It’s a murder mystery novel called Jack Kane: The Ghost of Frogge. But If you don’t here from me tomorrow, Start checking the bears to see if they gained about one hundred and fifty pounds.

April 24th, 2008

I slept in today, hey why not, after yesterday anyway. For breakfast, I had more beans and some caned over hard eggs. It sounds worse then it is, with enough salt most anything tastes good. When I went outside it was very quiet except for a bird here or there. I sat on a log for a while and watched a frog just sitting in a little puddle. I was so calm and content, It was pure Serenity. It was much better then last night. There looks to be a small clearing halfway up the mountain. I’m going to see if I can hike up there and check it out before dusk.


April 25th, 2008

Well I just got back from the mountain. I had to spend the night up there. Before I realized it, it got very dark outside and there was no moonlight, It was pitch black and I couldn’t go back down to the cabin safely. On the clearing there was an old mine shaft that looked like it was boarded up a long time ago but had recently been disturbed. I don’t know if it was because of the mystery book I was reading or just my natural curiosity, but I decided to go inside and investigate. It was very dark and moist in there. The top of the shaft was wet and dripping. There were old rusty train tracks along the bottom of the man made cave. It smelled of mildew and decay. I walked for what seemed like a mile down a gradual slope until I came to a chamber that had multiple shafts going in different directions. I picked one at random and kept walking. It was creepy, there was defiantly something in there with me. I think it was bats I’m not sure. I saw some food wrappers and empty water bottles. It looked like someone had been staying there. My rechargeable flashlight was getting dim so I started back. By the time I got back to the main chamber the LED was completely dead. I wished I brought my cell phone with me so I could have use it for light. I was kind of lost but I stayed calm and figured it out. The way out was the shaft that had the incline. I followed that back towards the surface. about halfway up I tripped over something and scraped my Knee on the tracks. By the time I got out it was way too dark, so I made camp there for the night. I had some MREs in my bag which came in handy because one of them came with some waterproof matches so I could start a camp fire. It was nice and cool out, About sixty eight degrees…Nice sleeping weather. Unfortunately an owl kept me up most of the night.


April 25th, 2008

After I got back to the cabin I fell asleep reading my book again. In the mid afternoon I tried chopping some wood like captain kirk in Star Trek Seven. I was better at it then I thought Would be. While I was stacking the logs the park ranger came by on a horse and asked me who I was and if I saw anything strange a couple nights ago. He said he was investigating something but couldn’t tell me what. He gave me his card and told me to call him if I thought of anything. I took the card and said “sure thing” but I don’t have my phone so I couldn’t call him if I wanted too.  He was looking at me very suspiciously. And event though I hadn’t done anything I was all guilty looking, trying not to look guilty.  I feel a little safer knowing that someone else is out here. Now more beans, and bed.




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