The Awakening

The answer to life the universe and everything is 42. For me, that couldn’t be truer. At the age of 42, I finally felt like an adult. Yes, I could vote at 18, drink at 21, and rent a car at 24 but I was still a kid. At 30 I started to realize I didn’t know everything I thought I did, around 37 I realized I knew nothing about life. At 40 I started getting a handle on things slowly, at 42 on the journey that is life I felt like it all clicked and I was standing at the top of a mountain I mistakenly thought I had reached long ago and could see what life is. I could see the past, and (my best guess for) the future all at once. I now understand myself, my opinions, where they came from, the only thing that is truly important, and song lyrics. Song lyrics dude. Currently, I’m in the now what phase. Now that I feel like I know who I am finally, what is important and what I enjoy, I can choose to enjoy my life and leave a positive effect on others. The “mid-life crisis” is horribly misnamed. It should be called the awakening. Not something to be feared or shunned, but to be celebrated. I believe that’s when we really become conscious until then we are mostly just learning and responding to instinct and social conditioning. I plan on enjoying and celebrating the rest of the journey for as long as I can.