The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life

Is supposed to be 42, but for me it’s 39. At the age of 39 I look around everywhere and see earlier versions of myself, and upon realizing that, I now see older versions of myself. Everywhere. We are taught or assume or both from an early age that we are like the metaphorical snowflake, each one of us is unique. For people who haven’t gotten to this age of enlightenment yet, enjoy your bliss. Think that the world is full of possibilities and opportunity. When you realize that you are just another cog in the matrix be it biochemical if not digital, the wonderment is gone. Just another non-aware A.I. responding to your environment with a preprogrammed set of instructions. Sure there are different models, different choices, that helps the illusion, but not many. We have no more free will than a cell in our body acting for the good of the colony.
This is what I believe the midlife crisis is. It’s like that part in groundhogs day when Bill Murray realizes no matter what you do, it doesn’t do any good so you rebel or just have fun with it. These people haven’t gone crazy, they have just found out what’s really going on.