• Green Boots

    So I finely started watching The Harry Potter Movies. I made It through one and a half of them. I didn’t think I like them, But they were good. Heather came over, we had some popcorn and watched most of Harry Potter two. Then I napped, and watched the First five episodes of Season two of the Two Coreys. That was good. The Coreys are cool. Then Smackdown from Thursday Then Raw. It was a busy night.  I called the TV repair shop that fixed John’s old Big Screen. He gave me a ballpark estimate of only $220.00 🙂 so that’s a lot better then the $350.00 online estamates. He…

  • I’m feeling much better now

    I went to my parents house to watch the Nascar Race with my dad, I had to leave early because I didn’t bring my medication with me. On my way home I picked up Heather and we went to wal-mart so I could get some healthy food for me. I got tofu and veggies n stuff. Then we got back to my place and I made us  nacho cheese popcorn and we watched Twister on Blu-Ray. The sound was great. After I dropped Heather off, I fell asleep listening to the commentary.