• aCwA 2×02 Chris

    In this episode of a Conversation with Albie, Albie talks with his friend of eventually two decades, Chris (last name withheld). The two talk about the excellent adventures through time (always traveling forward at a relatively normal pace) working in different restaurants together, the good times, and the drunk times, girls, partying, books, comics, and Star Trek: Insurrection in French. Please join two middle-aged men as they talk the good old days were making seven dollars an hour and having multiple roommates was not only a way to make ends meet but a lifestyle. You don’t have to be famous to be interesting…

  • aCwA 004 update

    So episode IV of a conversation with Albie with Johnny Jr as guest is turning out to be a mammoth of a problem as to the length. Around ten hours raw and 6 hrs edited. Ampersand i don’t think anyone but me would listen to it in one sitting, not even J Dubb himself. So while at the DMC dealership in Naples yesterday I had a brainstorm to release it as a Big Damn Trilogy. So it will now be episode 4 5 and 6.